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Holiday_9Happy New Year! 2016 is here and you might be one of the millions of Americans who plan to diet at the start of the New Year. That’s great, but if you are a senior citizen, your diet needs to combine both losing weight and making healthy choices that fit your dietary needs. Did you know, caregivers can help prepare healthier meals for seniors?

As a senior, you need to get the right nutrition. This is because nutrition is linked to many diseases that you are at risk of getting while you age. It is a myth that seniors who live in assisted living homes and nursing homes are at an advantage because they can select from prepared meals that are specifically made in common areas for the resident seniors. Seniors who live independently don’t have to be at a disadvantage. They can benefit from caregivers to help them make better choices for healthier meals.

One of the many reasons people hire caregivers is to help with meal preparation. Here are some of the benefits seniors can have:

Change habits to best fit dietary needs - When you are a senior, you have tendencies to eat the same foods that you have been eating for decades. But you can’t eat the same foods you ate decades ago. Your nutritional needs and fat intake needs to change to match your metabolism and health concerns. A caregiver can assist you by making foods that are appropriate for your age and health concerns so you form new habits for eating the foods that are right for your diet.

Prepare meals on your schedule – Besides the need to have certain nutrition your eating habits need to be more consistent throughout the day. And if you have health issues that require you to take medication, your schedule to eat needs to work around certain pills you take. A caregiver will help you keep track of your medicine and eating schedule so you eat the right foods at the right time to coincide with when you take your medicine.

Provide tips that offer dietary variety – Having to improve your lifestyle as you age can be stressful. There is much to learn about what foods offer the best nutritional value for your health issues. For example, beans provide a variety of nutrients that help against heart disease. Bananas have nutrients that are good in fighting arthritis. While your doctor might give you some information about what types of nutrients you should take for diseases, a caregiver can provide helpful tips that provide an increased variety for your palate with prepared meals.

Help you start with healthy choices at the grocery store – Your decisions about what you eat start with the types of foods you buy. If you are a senior living independently, you buy your own groceries. A caregiver can help you with your shopping or do your shopping for you. That way, besides helping to select the best foods to prepare healthy meals, a caregiver can also recommend better snacks to maintain your diet throughout the day.

Start the New Year by committing to healthier eating. And remember that you can get help with building better habits that meet your dietary needs. Contact Because We Care to find out how a caregiver can help you with healthier meal preparations. Call us at 770.385.0300.